Father Tim

September 2015

Sep 23

Sunday, Sep 27; Twenty Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

When we were in school and during each academic year we grew in knowledge; all kinds of knowledge.  Through such knowledge worlds of possibility opened before us.  This past summer I read a biography on Neil Armstrong, the first man to step foot on lunar surface.  It was his knowledge of and fascination with the history of flight...
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Sep 9

Sunday, Sep 13; Twenty Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

After reading the philosopher Martin Heidegger’s 1955 address, “Gelassenheit” (German for “letting-go”) Henri Nouwen  notices  two approaches to life highlighted in that address:    one that is calculating and the other reflective.  According to Heidegger, the calculating approach is...
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Sep 2

Sunday, Sep 6; Twenty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

In a recent homily, I mentioned reading “The Road to Character” by David Brooks; a book I highly recommend.  Woven within his insights are profiles of men and women of character:  from Johnny Unitas to Dorothy Day.  The other morning I read the chapter called, “Ordered Love” (on St. Augustine) and was...
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