Father Tim

August 2015

Aug 26

Sunday, August 30; Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

When I attended Central Catholic High School—my Dad’s alma mater—there was a dress code in place.  For example, we could wear slacks with a “continental cut” or cords without patch pockets, but never jeans or shorts to school.  All shirts had to have a collar, and ties were to be worn at school...
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Aug 18

Twenty First Sunday in Ordinary Time

There is in us this innate desire to live, and not to die.  Sure, we have days when we feel more dead than alive; days, like the prophet Elijah, when we’re tempted to pray for death.  Yet, in our saner moments all of us want to live, not die.  This is painfully apparent when witnessing the countless refugees fleeing Syria;...
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Aug 5

Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Father Robert Barron writes that knowledge of God comes “not through grasping but through being grasped.” To arrive at knowledge of life we are often taught to grasp it “by the horns”; to “seize the day”…carpe diem! At times, we take this approach when it comes to God and whenever faced with...
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