Justice and Peace Committee

Our Mission Statement

Inspired by the vision of the Gospel and Catholic Social Teaching, the members of the Justice and Peace Committee at Our Lady of the Lake Parish seek to foster ways which promote the dignity of all persons and all creation and bring about justice and peace. Challenged by the example of Christ, the group strives to follow and to teach, by example, this foundational dimension of our Faith.

Current Focus Areas: Homelessness, the Middle East, Creation care and Nonviolence. 

Members meet monthly the second Monday of each month and email weekly.
We warmly welcome new members.

Monthly Meaningful Movies are shown at OLL the second Friday of each month with the Wedgwood Justice & Peace Coalition. http://www.wedgwoodmeaningfulmovies.org/

We assist with coordinating the OLL Winter Shelter. 

For additional information, contact Lorraine Hartmann, justicepeace@ollseattle.org

Visit us at: http://www.olljustice.org/


OLL hosts from Jan. 1-18, 2019 at Seattle Mennonite Church

Sign Up Online for North Seattle Rotating Winter Shelter By Clicking on Photo Above. 

If you need additional help, contact David Brezynski at david.brezynski@gmail.com or 206-979-3545.

OLL is known for its delicious food and wonderful hosts.  OLL is responsible for providing suppers, desserts and continental breakfasts for 35-40 homeless guests and also two morning (5:30-7:00 AM) and evening (7:00-9:00 PM) hosts at the Seattle Mennonite Church, 3200 NE 125th St., Seattle 98125, from Tues., January 1 through Friday, January 18, 2019.  We are also responsible for cleaning shelter blankets once week and a Phoning Committee, (to remind food deliverers and hosts of their assignments and to answer questions.)  As last year, one female and one male paid staff from Lake City Partners will be on duty all night from 7:00 PM until 7:00 AM each day.

As shelter attendance has grown, Lake City Partners feels that shelter guests need more room, an ADA-compliant entry and more restroom facilities than the OLL site can provide.  Assumption and St. Bridget volunteers will take over January 19-31 at Seattle Mennonite Church.  

Host training materials will include emailed video and written training materials and onsite orientations, one on Thurs. evening, Nov. 29 and another on Sun. afternoon, Dec. 9.  Hosts are encouraged to attend one of those onsite orientations.  No Safe Environment class or certification will be required of our hosts. 

Food deliverers will park in front of Seattle Mennonite Church at 3200 NE 125th St. at 7:15 PM and walk food to the kitchen counter ten feet from the front door.  Hosts will park in back of the building accessed by a driveway along the east side of Seattle Mennonite Church.

Contact Shelter co-volunteer coordinator Lorraine Hartmann at lorrainehartmann@comcast.net or 206-367-1518 with general questions.  Let’s make our 18 days of feeding and hosting our homeless guests at Seattle Mennonite be a wonderful experience for guests, Seattle Mennonite and OLL. This will be the seventh winter OLL participates in the North Seattle Rotating Winter Shelter.  Thanks in advance for your always extraordinary generosity.

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Online Giving

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